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State of Concept Athens is the first non-profit institution with a permanent location and a yearly programme, to operate in Greece. Founded in 2013 by art critic and curator iLiana Fokianaki and based in the neighbourhood of Koukaki at the centre of Athens, it is an independent platform aiming to foster the appreciation for local and international contemporary art and the growth of artistic and curatorial practice.

Operating as a bridge between Athens and the international contemporary art scene, its core interest is to bring to the fore artistic practices that question the current social, economic and political phenomena of Europe and beyond, by addressing these thematics from the location of Greece, existing literally and metaphorically on the borders of West and East. Through the last decade the country has been the profound location where new dilemmas, questions and realisations of the current Western condition have sprung. Living still through a financial crisis that has altered its societal fibre, the country remains a unique topos from where we as cultural practitioners can address, the rethinking of the Western canon and the complexities of localities and their socio-political and economic histories.


the institution


The institution, since its inception, has been asking questions that relate to the notion of the State and its contemporary condition in the West and beyond, as well as the state of conceptualization of contemporary art and all the nuances it carries. Its exhibitions are formed as chapters that together with the institution itself perform «the State as such», in an effort to address from within an introspection on the functionality and grammar of institutional building, in precarious conditions of peripheral localities.




Founder and Artistic Director:
iLiana Fokianaki


Production manager:
Maria Adela Konomi


Public program and research:

Ioanna Gerakidi
Danae Io



At State of Concept the following wonderful colleagues have offered their knowledge and shared their insights:

Agapi Harmani
Myrto Katsimicha
Hristiana Stamou


Lydia Markaki – Intern

Electra Karatza – Intern

Vicky Zioga –  Fellow at  Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs Programme





State of Concept has been providing pro bono advice and one-to-ones to art students and artists via appointments since its inception in 2013. We have assisted so far more than 200 young professionals and students from Greece and beyond.

The consultations last 30min and take place at the institution from Wednesday to Friday, between 5-7 pm.

Please contact the gallery staff to book an appointment via email. Bookings should be made in advance, due to limited availability.


Dispatch from the foreign office (Upcoming)

Department of Justice (2018 – ongoing)

This exhibition chapter, supported by the FfAi, is delving into artistic and curatorial practices that investigate the scope of the judicial and research real events that have had societal impacts: court cases and political trials that changed the course of local histories, histories that have divided society or have been erased from the official narratives of the state. It also addresses major strands of political and social theory that propagate social inequalities, such as anti-feminist rhetorics. It further looks into historical periods that have produced particular marginalisation of populations adjacent to certain political positions, such as the anti-communist period that begun after the second World War, by exploring its effect on contemporary political thought, feminist struggles and society at large.


State Affairs (2017 – ongoing)

State Affairs is an exhibition chapter dedicated to artists that work with video and the moving image. It presents artistic practices that focus on thematics unfolding and narrated gradually through several artworks, practices distinguished for their interest in shedding light on historical conditions and how they affect contemporaneity. The practices selected for this exhibition chapter are characterized by an essayistic approach to issues that involve, racism, religion, futurism, post-colonial discourse, nationalism etc., at times blending, documentary, performance and the moving image. The programme aims to address directly current affairs, predicaments, problematics and cul-de-sacs of contemporary living, by at times, summoning the past.

The European Condition (2016)

In the current European reality, the concept of a European identity is vaguely defined and seems now almost irrelevant to its citizens. The union is in a condition described recently by Jean-Claude Juncker as “Europe in an existential crisis” and the rise of the far right has fortified the concept of the “nation-state”, making it the main vehicle for the far-right to attract voters and segregate communities within member states of the Union. In recent years, the voices that supported the “European ideal” have been, if not quieter, certainly more ambiguous. What is promoted as a common European direction is much less related to the 90s idea of a united Europe that propounded a common agenda of equal rights, freedom of speech, multi-nationality, multi-ethnicity and multi-religious populations. Today, its is rather a Europe consisting of countries that promote their own economic and social agendas, protect their interests and which now tolerates – if not promotes in certain cases – rhetoric of hate, division and closed borders. The exhibition chapter “European Condition” looked into aspects of citizenship, unionizing beyond borders, state propaganda and the role of religion in the formation of Europe.


State of Concept
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