State of Concept


24 February—27 April 2024

Group show

Attention After Technology

Group Show


biarritzzz (Brazil), Vivian Caccuri (Brazil), Shu Lea Cheang (USA/Taiwan), Kyriaki Goni (Greece), CUSS Group (South Africa), Femke Herregraven (Netherlands), Berenice Olmedo (Mexico). 


State of Concept Athens


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Algorithms increasingly define how we interact with the world; they shape our perceptions, our knowledge, our relations. Artists have been paying heightened attention to digital media and forms of expression for decades. More recently artists have begun exploring the technological possibilities of artificial intelligence as well as augmented and virtual reality, but also the ethical, social, and environmental implications.

Attention After Technology focuses on innovation in the field of art by supporting artists and art institutions across Europe to research and develop new artworks exploring the relationships between attention, algorithms, and social justice. Seven international artists will produce new works specifically for the project. Attention After Technology focuses on concerns of equality and inclusion, for instance how algorithms reinforce bias. These issues are closely connected to the “attention economy,” a financialized colonization of our perception, personal worlds, and bodies in which our eyeballs, affects, and time have become some of the most valued goods. 

This exhibition is the first of three visual expressions of the overall ambitious project, spanning over two years. The exhibition will be shown at Kunsthall Trondheim (12 October 2023–28 January 2024), and after it will travel to State of Concept Athens (24 February – 27 April 2024) Furthermore, online versions of the works in the exhibition will be shown on Tropical Papers’ web platform from November 2023 and the project also includes contributions by Swiss Institute New York. The associated symposium “The Digital Divide – Attention, Algorithms and Social Justice”, hosted by Art Hub Copenhagen, takes place 4 May 2023 as well as the hosting of two artist residencies.

Project Coordinator: Kunsthall Trondheim 

The project is lead by: Kunsthall Trondheim and Swiss Institute New York

Partners: Art Hub Copenhagen, Tropical Papers and State of Concept
Associated partners: Université de Paris, Princeton University and Swiss Institute New York


Funded by the European Union



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Curatorial Team

Kunsthall Trondheim:
Katrine Elise Agpalza Pedersen, Curator and Project Lead Attention After Technology (with Stefanie Hessler, Swiss Institute New York)
Liz Dom, Project Manager Attention After Technology
Carl Martin Rosenkilde Faurby, Program Curator and Production Manager
Kaja Grefslie Waagen, Producer and Communications Manager

Art Hub Copenhagen:
Lars Bang Larsen, Leader of Art & Research
Rose Tytgat, Project Coordinator
Susanne Hviid, Administrative Director
Jacob Fabricius, Artistic Director
Fafaya Mogensen, Project Leader

Tropical Papers:
María Inés Rodríguez
Mariana Vieira Marcondes
Andres Sandoval Alba

Yu Hsiaoh Hwei

State of Concept Athens:
iLiana Fokianaki, Founding Director
Konstantina Melachrinou, Production & Program

Swiss Institute New York:
Stefanie Hessler, Director and Project Lead Attention After Technology (with Katrine Elise Agpalza Pedersen, Kunsthall Trondheim)
Alison Coplan, Senior Curator and Head of Programs







September—November 2023

Solo show

Bona Fide #3 Landform Instrument

Danae Io


November—February 2024

Solo show

Hajra Waheed

Solo Show

February—April 2024

Group show

Attention After Technology

Group Show