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29 February—7:30 pm


Online Conversation: Kyriaki Goni with iLiana Fokianaki

Attention After Technology


Kyriaki Goni & iLiana Fokianaki




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Welcome to an online artist talk series, in connection to the exhibition and project Attention After Technology, a series that aims to give more insight into the two-year-long project via conversations between the participating artists and project partners. This time, artist Kyriaki Goni will be in conversation with iLiana Fokianaki (State of Concept Athens).

The conversation will be held in English, with a duration of 40 minutes. It will be possible for the audience to ask questions in the last 10 minutes.

Click here to join the conversation via Zoom!

19:30 Greek Time (18:30 CET)

The exhibition and project Attention After Technology explores the role of algorithms today, the ways in which they affect us, and how we could imagine them otherwise, through newly commissioned works by seven international artists: biarritzzz (Brazil), Vivian Caccuri (Brazil), Shu Lea Cheang (USA/Taiwan), Kyriaki Goni (Greece), CUSS Group (South Africa), Femke Herregraven (Netherlands) and Berenice Olmedo (Mexico).

he online talk series is a collaboration with Tropical Papers’ [SUNDAY BRUNCH]. Intended as an intersectional laboratory, [SUNDAY BRUNCH] is an online meeting place where we are invited to listen, observe, share and enjoy a sensitive experience through images, poetry, sound, cooking and dancing.

The exhibition period for the Athens exhibition at State of Concept Athens is 24 February – 27 April, 2024.

Attention After Technology is funded by the European Union. 


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Kyriaki Goni critically and poetically inquiries into political, affective and environmental aspects of big tech. Listening to the deep past, she explores extractive practices on bodies and landscapes, other forms of intelligence, networks and infra-structures, and possible futures. Algorithms, fossil remains, ancient seas on Mars, lunar craters, plant DNA, archipelagic infrastructures are some of the protagonists in her cosmologies. Manifesting through storytelling, coding, drawing, video and sound, her installations seek to connect the local with the (inter)planetary, the fictional with the scientific. She is the recipient of among others, the Ars Electronica fellowship (2021). Goni exhibits internationally, latest solo exhibitions include The Breeder, Athens, Greece (2023), Drugo More, Rijeka, Kroatia (2023) and Blenheim Walk Gallery, Leeds, Great Britain (2023).

iLiana Fokianaki is a curator, researcher and theorist based in Athens. Since 2020, through the research platform “The Bureau of Care” she examines the concept of care and how its politics and ethics relate to environmental and social justice. Founder and Director of State of Concept Athens since 2013, she has changed the landscape of the Athenian art scene, bringing to the Greek capital exhibitions by artists such as Laure Prouvost, Sanja Iveković, Forensic Architecture, Kader Attia and Kapwani Kiwanga. She has curated exhibitions for international institutions such as Reina Sofia Museo in Madrid, e-flux New York, KADIST Foundation, Kunstinstituut Melly Rotterdam, Museum of Contemporary Art Ljubljana and has curated public projects for institutions such as the Vera List Center for Art and Politics, New York. Fokianaki regularly lectures at academies, independent spaces, museums and institutions around the world while organizing discussions and talks with thinkers such as Silvia Federici, Trinh T. Minh-Ha, Jodi Dean, Yanis Varoufakis and others.She was the artistic director of Survival Kit 13, a large-scale contemporary art festival organized by the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art. In November 2023, Fokianaki was announced as the new director of Kunsthalle Bern (2024-2031). She regularly publishes at e-flux journal and has contributed to various books and publications. A series of books of hers will be published by Archive Books. Fokianaki is currently working on a new group exhibition at Framer Framed in Amsterdam opening in February 2024 and entitled The One-Straw Revolution inaugurating her forthcoming research on permaculture, ecological thought and theory as tools for instituting and exhibition-making.