State of Concept


20 October—4:30 pm


Waste/d Pavilion Ep.3: “Theory in the Remix”

Workshop by Chara Stergiou


Temporary Academy of Arts (Elpida Karaba, Yota Ioannidou, Vangelis Vlahos, Despina Zefkili)


State of Concept Athens


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Theory in the Remix

Workshop by Chara Stergiou 

20, 27 October & 3, 10 November, 16:30-18:30

A series of meetings entitled Theory in the Remix (2022) with Chara Stergiou. Participants are invited to collaborate  on the realization or even perform a dialectical collective mix. The call is open to those with an interest in contemporary interdisciplinary theoretical approaches, the emerging field of sound studies in artistic research and theory, pop culture, live experience, the invention of hybrid artistic approaches based on research, and storytelling. Sound engineering skills are not a prerequisite. 


Free Admission.  

Submit a short letter of interest (max. 200 words) related to the proposed theme by October 15th, 2022 to [email protected].  

There will be a limited number of participants and we operate on a first come first served basis. Part of the seminars will be recorded, while results of the workshop will be shared in a live lecture-performance. 

Part of the Public Program of Waste/d Pavilion 3, curated by The Temporary Academy of Arts, PAT. 


Waste/d Pavilion is part of the ‘Coalition of the Care-full’ a program  of  European Pavilion. 

The European Pavilion enables cultural spaces to experiment and reflect on Europe. To question, discuss and define what Europe is and what it could become in the future. To tell stories, to imagine, to question. Is there a more appropriate venue for such an undertaking than the European Pavilion?

‘Coalition of the Care-full’  is funded by the European Cultural Foundation.


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