State of Concept


07 December—12:00 pm


Waste/d Pavilion Ep.3: “The Occupation of New Dance Legacies”

Workshop / Performance by Jeremiah Day


Temporary Academy of Arts / PAT (Elpida Karaba, Yota Ioannidou, Vangelis Vlahos, Despina Zefkili)


State of Concept Athens & Spiti Yoga


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The Occupation of New Dance Legacies (In Two Parts) by Jeremiah Day 

7-9 December 2022



I. Workshop – Getting Moving, Talking, Making

Wednesday 7 & Thursday 8 December 12:00-15:00 at Spiti Yoga

(limited participation, reservations [email protected]

For the workshop at Spiti Yoga, to introduce some strategies coming from New Dance, we will try out and try on scores from Anna Halprin, Steve Paxton and Simone Forti, leading to making short improvisations together.  Please come dressed and prepared for running, rolling, crawling, and some moments of touching and being touched.  We will be working with moving and talking at the same time and so while people are welcome to keep distance and wear masks, it might be tough to do so.  Please bring pen and paper.   



II. Public Performance – Getting Showing, Being Showed 

Friday 9 December at State of Concept, 19:00

Jeremiah Day shares with us his work with the “New Dance” tradition that offers the basis for a different public and community model of culture.  Αt State of Concept the public is invited to watch and listen, as  the workshop leads  to a different mode of sharing, combining demonstration, talk and performance.  

Day elaborates and enacts a set of principles that actualize art as central to what Hannah Arendt called “the web of human relationships,” in which memory depends on culture to be understandable.  


As part of Waste/d Pavilion Episode 3 curated by Temporary Academy of Arts/ PAT

The workshop and public demonstration are part of Waste/d Pavilion Episode 3 curated by the Temporary Academy of Arts/PAT at State of Concept until 22 December 2022.


​​The 3rd Episode of Waste/d Pavilion brings together works, projects, texts that focus on issues of language and the body or the body of language.


The 3rd Episode of Waste/d Pavilion features Dimitris Ameladiotis & Virginia Mastrogiannaki, Hypatia Vourloumis, Jeremiah Day – Fred Dewey & Simone Forti, Anastasia Diavasti, Kevin Jerome Everson, Sofia Mavragani, Natasa Biza, Henrik Olesen, Sarp Özer & Doğa Yirik, Chara Stergiou, Elena Tzelepi, Nikoline Van Harskamp.  


Waste/d Pavilion is part of the ‘Coalition of the Care-full’ a program  of  The European Pavilion. 


The European Pavilion enables cultural spaces to experiment and reflect on Europe. To question, discuss and define what Europe is and what it could become in the future. To tell stories, to imagine, to question. Is there a more appropriate venue for such an undertaking than the European Pavilion?

‘Coalition of the Care-full’  is funded by the European Cultural Foundation.


Special Thanks: 

EIGHT / ΤΟ ΟΧΤΩ, critical institute for arts and politics


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