State of Concept


02 March—6:00 pm


Truth will not take Care of itself, a series of investigations, facts and oral histories

Keynote Lecture by T.J. Demos


T.J. Demos, iLiana Fokianaki, Forensic Architecture / Forensis


State of Concept


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Truth will not take Care of itself 

A series of investigations, facts and oral histories

March 2nd 2023, 18:00 – 19:30 pm

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As part of the program ‘Truth will not take Care of itself’, we are delighted to host a keynote lecture by T.J. Demos, Professor of History of Art and Visual Culture and Director of the Center for Creative Ecologies at the University of California.

Writer, activist, and professor T. J. Demos discusses his latest research and the need to rethink climate aesthetics and politics in a time when climate denialism and discriminatory politics are infiltrating the mainstream. He will be presenting some new lines of analysis on his current work on environmental violence vis-a-vis political organising and the legacies and mishaps of past environmental justice movements.






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