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The School of Redistribution – Public Program part 3 – Nora Sternfeld

Monday, 19 June 2017


State of Concept, Mpotsari Tousa 19, Athina 117 41, Greece.


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The School of Redistribution, the first chapter of Future Climates founded by curators Antonia Alampi & iLiana Fokianaki is happy to announce the third part of its public program with a lecture by educator and curator Nora Sternfeld.

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Monday June 19th, 20:00Nora Sternfeld, “Why Exhibit At All? An Answer From The Year 2030”. 

The lecture takes a future perspective: from the year 2030 Sternfeld looks back as a curator to the years 2013-2023. She prepares an exhibition on the history of struggles in museums and art universities in the years of the authoritarian change: It begins with the 2013 occupation of the Ludwig Museum in Budapest—which Orban’s government put a stop to—and ends with the 2023 collapse of autonomous institutional structures in France. She is particularly interested in the processes before and after the turn.

Nora Sternfeld is an educator and curator. She is professor for curating and mediating art at the Aalto University in Helsinki and co-director of /ecm — Master Program in exhibition theory and practice at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. She is part of trafo. K, Office for Art, Education and Critical Knowledge Production based in Vienna (w/Ines Garnitschnig, Renate Höllwart, Elke Smodics) and of Freethought, a platform for research, education, and production based in London (w/Irit Rogoff, Stefano Harney, Adrian Heathfield, Mao Mollona, Louis Moreno). In this context she was one of the artistic directors of the Bergen Assembly 2016.

The text of this lecture has been commissioned and published in Qalqalah, a publication co-edited by Bétonsalon – Centre of Art and Research with Villa Vassilieff and KADIST.





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