State of Concept


08 February—9:00 pm


Finissage – a.O. – b.c. An audiovisual diary

8 February, 2020


Bill Kouligas , Voltnoi Brege


Tousa Mpotsari 19, 11741


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Finissage: 8th of February at State of Concept at 21.00, with a music performance Bill Kouligas & a dj set by Voltnoi Brege, in collaboration with Goethe Instituut Athens.

Free entry.

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Dj, designer and musician, Berlin-based Bill Kouligas is the founder of PAN, one of the most exciting & critically acclaimed labels for experimental & electronic music, that in almost 10 years of activity has platformed artists like Lee Gamble, M.E.S.H. and Yves Tumor, sharing their futuristic vision.

Voltnoi Brege is an interdisciplinary artist working in the fields of live cinema performance, the internet, audiovisual installations, and music. He has presented his work around Europe in various festivals and institutions and is a founding member of the audio visual collectives The Erasers and drog_A_tek. He lives and works in Athens, Greece.

State of Concept is supported by
Outset Contemporary Art Fund (Greece)

In collaboration with the Athens School of Fine Arts

With the support of
Goethe Institut Athens





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