State of Concept


02 July—6:30 pm


Eliana Otta – Performance

Diaries, chronicles and conversations in a struggling city.


Eliana Otta


iLiana Fokianaki


State of Concept, Tousa Mpotsari 19, Koukaki


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This (semi) collective lecture connects attempts to put into words how experiences of loss, resistance and desire affect political subjectivities and communities in the context of Athens. It includes texts, images and fragments of conversations that are part of a work in process, the research project Lost and shared: A laboratory for collective mourning, towards affective and transformative politics (working title).

Eliana Otta is an artist with a Master in Cultural Studies, who coordinated the curatorial team of Lugar de la Memoria in Lima. She has taught at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and co-founded the artist-run space Bisagra. She´s currently candidate for the Phd in Practice at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.

The performance starts at 18.30 and we would kindly ask you to book a seat via email at [email protected]

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