State of Concept


16 May—6:30 pm


Borders, Surveillance and the Refugee Crisis



Stefanos Levidis, Stavros Malichoudis, Eliza Triantafyllou, Algorithm Watch Berlin. Moderated by Danai Maragoudaki


State of Concept Athens


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State of Concept, in the framework of the program Truth will not take Care of itself, a series of investigations, facts and oral histories invites you to the talk Borders, surveillance and the Refugee Crisis with Stefanos Levidis, Stavros Malichoudis & Eliza Triantafyllou with a contribution by Algorithm Watch Berlin (TBC). The talk will be moderated by Danai Maragoudaki. 

As part of the program from the 9th of May we present the third and final part of the Forensic Architecture / Forensis research on the “drift-backs” in the Aegean Sea. Alongside this we present a public program that accompanies the investigations, highlighting the role of technology in the continuation of the political violence promoted by the European Union, and specifically how this role is playing out in Greece and through the surveillance scandal.

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(the talk conducted in Greek without translation)


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Stefanos Levidis is a researcher and visual practitioner. At Forensic Architecture he oversees the agency’s work on borders and migration. His PhD dissertation, submitted in 2020 at the Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmiths, and titled ‘Border Natures’, interrogates the entanglement of border defence strategies with the natural environment at the external borders of the EU, with a focus on the Greek case. His own spatial and visual practice has been presented and published internationally, and his investigative research has been submitted to courts in support of human rights cases. 

Stavros Malichoudis (Director, Solomon) is a reporter and editor. He has worked for the Agence France-Presse and inside story, and has participated in cross-border investigations with Lighthouse Reports and Investigate Europe. He’s member of Reporters United. His reports have been published in European media. He was shortlisted for the European Press Prize ‘21 and won the IJ4EU Impact Award ‘22. In 2019 he was selected as a fellow for BIRN’s Balkan Fellowship for Journalistic Excellence (BFJE). He has been trained in data journalism at Columbia University in New York on a fellowship. 

Eliza Triantafyllou is a journalist based in Athens. She reports mainly on financial and business issues. She works for Inside Story, an online investigative journalism outlet, and Mati Observer, a non-profit online outlet established to monitor the aftermath of the 2018 East Attica wildfires. Formerly, she worked for Eleftherotypia newspaper and, and has contributed to Vice Greece. She has also worked in political satire, both at her own website,, and for SKAI TV.

Danai Maragoudaki started working as a journalist in 2015. Her articles have been published in, Inside Story, VICE and other Greek media. She works at Solomon, and is a member of the journalism team The Manifold and the film team Paola Team Documentaries. Her reporting focuses on issues of transparency, technology, gender and LGBTQ+ rights.

AlgorithmWatch is a non-profit research and advocacy organization that is committed to watch, unpack and analyze automated decision-making (ADM) systems and their impact on society. They envision a world where technology in general, and algorithmic systems in particular, are used to protect and benefit human beings. They should make societies more just, democratic, inclusive and sustainable, be it with regard to alleged or claimed race and gender, sexual orientation, abilities, age, wealth, class, or resource consumption. AlgorithmWatch wants to ensure that the use of algorithmic systems benefits the many, not the few. They advocate for algorithmic systems that protect democracy and the rule of law instead of authoritarianism, freedom instead of surveillance, human rights instead of dehumanization, autonomy instead of power asymmetries, justice and equality instead of favoritism and discrimination, and a sustainable instead of an exploitative way of living. 





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